What is Purpose?

Purpose is something that we all have, but many of us don’t really know how to go toward.  Because of that, we have to take a look at a lot of different parts of our life in order to understand what is going on. Our passion is something that is really unique to us – some of us will be passionate about things that others may find mundane. But that’s why it’s so important to find out what our passion is, whether it’s through your family church tampa fl or other types of faith walks.

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Now, you may be sitting there and thinking that it’s not a good idea to think about those things. We want security, so instead of chasing after the things that we love to do, we will instead take something lesser and just “deal with it,” hoping that someday we’ll be able to go after our dreams. The issue is, if we don’t do it now, then the chances that we’re going to do it will be less and less, and soon – our lives will be behind us and we won’t have the time to chase those passions.

So what are we to do? Take a look back on your life, and think about every time that you’ve ever felt your heart on fire with excitement. Can you think of a specific time where that happened? What were you doing? What made you feel that way? Some people say that these moments make you “feel alive.”  Sit down in a quiet place and really think about it – what moments made you feel like you were truly alive? Breathe in the moment, remember how you felt – and think about what could happen if you got that to happen all of the time. That’s where your passion is going to be and how you can learn to stick with it.