Design Tips For Your Kitchen

Next to the bathroom the kitchen is probably the most used room in the house.  With that being said, the kitchen needs a lot of tender love and care to be efficient.  One main component of the kitchen are the cabinets.  When designing your cabinets, having custom cabinet builders portland focus on your specific needs will ensure that you have a pretty and functional kitchen.

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Quality materials

Always work with quality materials.  If we skimp on materials we can end up with a wide range of issues.  The first issue would be warping.  If we use poor materials the heat from the kitchen, water damage and more issues could result in the wood warping and cracking.

Desired space

Make sure that you take into account all of the items you use to cook with.  Creating a kitchen that is too small will not be used just like a huge kitchen may become intimidating and once again not used or not used to its fullest potential.

Power outlets

Make sure that you have enough power outlets installed in your kitchen to accommodate all of the appliances you plan on using.  Blenders, food processors, skillets and more are all portable devices that you can use in your kitchen.  Make sure you can plug them in and have them accessible when needed.


You want to have enough lighting in your kitchen to work on your meals.  Track lighting and inset lighting are all nice features to have in your kitchen.  Natural light whenever possible will also help keep your kitchen well-lit during the day.  When working on your lighting you don’t want to skimp on what you have installed.  It is always better to have more lighting then less so plan accordingly.

Putting all of these components together in a cohesive way will ensure that you have what it is you need for your kitchen and won’t find yourself scrambling for something while making that amazing meal.